How Long Does a Wrongful Termination Case Take?

As somebody who has represented clients in wrongful termination suits, I can tell you that the duration of time a lawsuit will take to achieve a trial is frequently a question of both parties’ discussions. When a plaintiff sues her employer for wrongful termination, the defendant is generally in a defensive situation and may try to prevent accountability or negotiate a settlement that includes dismissal of the lawsuit without actually admitting wrongdoing. Because companies frequently work with plaintiffs’ attorneys, it is very important to ask how the case is going to be solved, and if the employment situation has changed somehow since the alleged conduct took place.

Wrongful Termination Resources:

If the plaintiff has an employment attorney representing her, you should ask him or her how much time it will take the situation to reach a settlement. If the lawyer doesn’t have any expertise in this type of lawsuit, he or she won’t have sufficient knowledge to assess the instance. What’s more, you should ask how long a legal representative would take to prepare for the trial. Many plaintiffs will seek the services of a personal injury attorney or an attorney specializing in employment law, even should they have any doubt about the process.

The defendant in the case could be willing to settle the case quickly, but you shouldn’t count on that offer because, unlike in court, there are no juries. The defendant’s goal, therefore, is to minimize the cost of protecting itself. The plaintiff’s position is the opposite: it seeks to accumulate as far as possible from the suspect. This is why a good employment attorney is such an important part of the case. Since the target of the employer would be to defend against this kind of lawsuit, he or she must find a way to reduce the price of defending against the lawsuit. If you can accomplish this, you can significantly decrease the length of time that it takes to reach a settlement.

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